Caffè Nero and Yoyo Wallet Partnership

We’ve been biting our tongues for quite some time on this… But we can finally announce –

Yoyo Wallet have partnered with Caffè Nero!

Caffe Nero and Yoyo Wallet


That’s right.

Yoyo Wallet has been selected as the mobile payment and loyalty strategy partner for coffee shop – Caffè Nero.

Which means…

All you Yoyo users and coffee addicts will soon be scanning ’til your heart’s content for your morning coffee, mid-morning snack or afternoon treat.

And the best part?

ALL of those fast payments, rewards, discounts, digital stamp cards and digital receipts you love about Yoyo, will soon be available at Caffè Nero too (obvs).  

Yoyo’s Co-Founder Michael Rolph said:
“We’re thrilled to be working with Caffè Nero and evolving the role mobile transactions play for them. For us, innovation around mobile transactions should go beyond just payment, creating a better in-store experience for both brands and their customers.”

Caffè Nero’s Founder Gerry Ford said:
“I am delighted to partner with a young, dynamic company like Yoyo. We are hoping that the new App we are working on together will allow Caffe Nero to take a leap forward in providing our customers with a rich experience.”


Our engineers are going as fast as their little fingers can code. Caffè Nero’s new app will be available sometime early next year. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all the coffee developments.

How it’ll work?

The fine deets are still under wraps (top secret ya know) but as soon as we can we’ll fill you in.

How did this happen?

Back in 2014, Yoyo won the Duke of York’s inaugural event Pitch@Palace. At the end of the pitch we made one simple request – an introduction to Caffè Nero founder Gerry Ford (yep we’re pretty ballsy). Since then our relationship has flourished and – skip forward to now – the partnership was born.

So, it seemed only right that we announced this great news at this week’s Pitch@Palace. In fact, here’s Michael and Gerry sharing the great news with the Queen below:

Yoyo Wallet with the Queen

(even the royals are Yoyo fans!)

But you want coffee NOW?

Don’t worry, there are already loads of great hot drinks and food deals in-app. Follow your favourite places (such as Planet Organic, your local university or workplace cafeteria etc.) in our location tab, then visit the “OFFERS” section to see what deals we already have set up for you.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more pink on the high street…