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Yoyo Playground 01: Roundup

Happy New Year everyone!

Over November 6th to 8th, over 200 people walked though the doors of Google Campus London to partake in the first edition of Playground: Yoyo’s community of developers, designers and leaders of next generation commerce. A community of what we like to call “makers and doers”.

Our aim at Playground is to address three issues. Help bridge the knowledge gap between enterprise, startups and emerging entrepreneurs; connect people who share a passion in developing the future of commerce; and establish a forum of experts from across industries sharing their views on how they see the world of commerce moving forward. More on that here.

A mini Yoyo TED X

We kicked the first day off with talks in three segments: Discover, Watch and Think.

In Discover, Matteo Vallon from Google Play gave invaluable insight on how app developers can learn from game developers when it comes to user engagement and in app monetisation. Mark Munson, innovation partner at Visa Europe and James Allgrove, head of Growth at Stripe each presented their angle on how they see the world of payment unfolding.

In Watch, Co-founder of POQ Michael Langguth showed us how they take retailers mobile and Tom Hutchinson, our Mobile developer, demonstrated the latest version of Yoyo Wallet. Iain McConiche from The App Business captured our imagination by showing how visual thinking can be incorporated in any type of problem solving.

Finally in Think, Michael Rolph Co-founder Yoyo Wallet and Richard Miurhead, managing partner  at Firestartr left us with some food for thought. Michael’s presentation “Time’s they are a-chang’in” showed how infrastructure technology is making it easier for new businesses to emerge. Richard finished things on a high note with an engaging presentation on Internet’s macro trends and while only keeping his investor’s hat on and stripping the rest of his clothes off on stage.


The Playground hackathon took place over days 7th and 8th of November. The mission was simple: build a product or prototype in relation to how you see the future of commerce going forward. Out of the 14 teams that were formed, 12 made it all the way to the demonstration stage. over the course of the weekend there was a lot of energy in Google Campus and competition was fierce. The 12 incredible teams that made it to the end were:

The Winners

Sunday lunch time marked the end of our hackathon. Straight away our panel of judges got to work evaluating the hacks based on 6 criteria: Relevance, execution, technical difficulty, novelty and impact. Sitting on the panel of judges we had Shawn Zvinis VP of product at Yoyo wallet, Erol Ziya VP of architecture at Yoyo wallet, James Algove head of growth at Stripe and Jack Franklin developer relations at Pusher. Winners were shortly announced:

1st place Utilise

2nd place UBasket

3rd place Yoyo proxy io

Firestartr winner: Jumpr

We want to thank everyone who was part of Playground and made it the incredible event it was. Also a big thank you to our partners who contributed greatly. 

Watch this space for future Playground announcements… 

Hafez and the Yoyo team.