Careers Powered by Yoyo: Meet our Consumer Product Team

| January 3, 2019 | By

Meet Natalia, Laura and Alice, who reveal what it’s like to work at Yoyo, how they’ve been empowered to build their careers, and why you should join one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies…

Hi Consumer Product Team! What do you do at Yoyo?

Natalia: I work as a product marketing associate.

Laura: I’m head of consumer product.

Alice: I’m a product associate at Yoyo Wallet.

What are you working on?

Laura: Our mission as a team is to increase Yoyo acceptance for consumers. We’re currently working on the launch of Yoyo’s app generation platform in partnership with several well-known high street retailers.

Natalia: I’m working on the integration of a new tech provider to help us better engage with our 1.3 million-strong Yoyo community.

Alice: I’ve just finished working on some new customer feedback functionality, which is a new feature we’re currently implementing into the Yoyo-powered Caffè Nero app before rolling out to other Yoyo partners.

How has your career grown at Yoyo?

Natalia: I first came to Yoyo as an intern and was quickly able to develop this role into my first full-time position, which was really great for me.

Alice: When I first joined Yoyo I was given the opportunity to move around in a number of departments and learn several new skills that I’m now able to apply in my most recent position on the consumer product team.

Laura: I joined Yoyo as an associate product manager and was soon given the opportunity to quickly work my way up. I now own Yoyo’s entire consumer product proposition – it’s an amazing feeling to know how quickly I’ve been able to achieve this.

What one word best describes your team?

Natalia: Dynamic!

Laura: Fun!

Alice: Sassy!

What does the rest of Yoyo think of the Consumer Product Team?

Alice: That it’s a cool team. They all want to join the Consumer Product Team.

Why should someone apply to join Yoyo?

Laura: We have so many amazing things coming up in the pipeline – it’s a great team to work with and there’s so many different projects to work on, as well as lots of challenges ahead – it’s a great journey to be a part of.

Alice: Anyone who joins also gets to hang out with the consumer product team!

Laura: Oh, and we have wine time! 🙂

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