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Yoyo-powered in-app Rewards Messaging

We’re officially glued to our mobiles in the UK, with over 87% now owning a smartphone according to Deloitte. The smartphone screen has become the epicenter of your customers’ daily life, whether it’s checking emails, reading the news, watching videos, talking to friends, browsing for products or making a purchase.

When more than a third of in-store retail sales are influenced by a shopper using a mobile device (Deloitte), it’s self evident that the smartphone should be core to your customer engagement strategy.

According to Ad Week, apps that send in-app messages have up to 3.5x higher user retention than apps that don’t.

Through Yoyo’s award-winning payments and loyalty experience we’re able to reward your customers when they undertake a desired behaviour, whether it’s buying a certain product, making a certain number of purchases or spending a certain amount.

A key part of your loyalty experience is the ability to effectively demonstrate the rewards available to your customers. In a nutshell, they quickly need to understand what the reward is, why they have received it, and feel excited about what’s in store for them.

This is why we automate highly engaging in-app messages every time your customers gain a well-earned reward.

How does Yoyo-powered in-app messaging work?

As a retailer, you want your customers to have a rewarding experience so that they remain loyal to your brand. What’s more if you’re running a loyalty scheme, you will want your customers to know which of their behaviours has led to them being rewarded so they carry on making those behaviours.

Yoyo-powered In-app messages are visual cues that make your customers aware they have received a reward alongside context about why they have received the reward. 

Because we’re uniquely able to see when and what a customer buys at your point-of-sale, we can trigger different rewards comms for different behaviours. For example:

  • When a customer completes their in-app stamp card or triggers a loyalty campaign, an in-app banner will instantly appear in their Yoyo-powered app accompanied by an animation.
  • When a customer decides to send their reward to a friend or family member, an in-app pop up will appear on the recipient’s smartphone to inform them that someone has sent them a voucher.
  • Any new voucher will trigger an in-app badge and an icon will appear over the app until the customer has visited the relevant app section to find out more about their reward.
  • You can also send a full app notification – i.e. “You’ve earned a voucher !” to maximise customer engagement.
  • Any reward your customer earns will also generate a contextual message in their activity feed within the app.

Why is Yoyo-powered rewards messaging different?

We’re the only technology platform that can match the identity of your customers to the individual items they buy so when we automate loyalty points or stamps at the point-of-sale, we can track when, where and what they’ve earned and instantly deliver personalised rewards comms when they reached a loylty goal or triggered a loyalty campaign.

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