FT 1000 reveals Yoyo to be the UK’s 2nd and Europe’s 4th fastest-growing fintech company

| March 2, 2020 | By

Today, Yoyo was named the UK’s 2nd fastest-growing fintech by the Financial Times 1000: the fourth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

FT 1000 reveals Yoyo to be the UK’s 2nd and Europe’s 4th fastest-growing fintech company

What’s more, our payments and customer loyalty platform has joined the top 6% of the continent’s fast-growing businesses overall.

The FT 1000 lists companies in Europe that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018. 

Now in its fourth year, it was even tougher to make the 2020 list, with companies needing to show a minimum growth rate of 38.4 percent to make the list, compared with 37.7 per cent in 2019.

Yoyo, which showed a mighty 2,102.7% in revenue growth on this year’s FT 1000, was only “marginally” outperformed by OakNorth Bank in the UK fintech category.

The UK bank for small and medium sized companies took first place after reporting 37,462.5% in growth – a mere difference of 35,000% between them and Yoyo.

Still though, fair play to OakNorth Bank, a worthy rankings opponent who should be aware that we’ll have closed that gap a fair bit by this time next year (que yawn from Yoyo staff).

And of course big congratulations to the other 14 UK fintechs featured on the list – especially Checkout.com, which had such an amazing year in 2019 when it secured a record $230m in Series A funding.

(You can watch me talking to Checkout’s CEO, Guillaume Pousaz, about this mammoth achievement here.

But enough about OakNorth and Checkout.com. Here’s a Yoyo-powered (and humble) breakdown of the results:

We’re Europe’s 52nd fastest-growing business overall (and that’s out of 1000 companies)…

…which places us amongst the top 6% of Europe’s fastest-growing firms.

Yoyo is the UK’s 13th fastest-growing company overall… 

…and we’re the 2nd fastest-growing fintech in Great Britain.

Not bad for a Monday afternoon!

More importantly, however, is the FT: 1000’s recognition of London’s continued dominance in business growth across Europe, with the UK capital retaining its lead with the greatest number of fast-growing companies.

Country-wide, most of the winners came from Germany, Italy, the UK and France in that order, with the four nations making up around 70% of the overall ranking.

To finish off, my marketing team told me this would be an epic moment to plug our latest report, so here goes.

Want to find out why we ranked so high on this year’s FT: 1000? Nothing will reveal more then downloading Yoyo’s latest report on how we’re bringing the “customer experience” in line with customer demand…

Customer Experience the new battleground for high street retailers

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