Going hot or cold – what type of drink do workers choose for lunch?

| August 14, 2017 | By

30-year-old corporate workers buy more than twice as many hot drinks compared to soft drinks during the lunchtime period, according to new Yoyo data.

Yoyo analysed 8000 random individual lunchtime transactions of 30-year-old workers across 128 business canteens between February and April 2017.

Out of the drinks bought through these transactions, 68% were hot, while only 32% were soft, with a Latte proving the most popular.

Below are the five most popular hot drinks that 30-year-old workers buy at lunchtime:

For those 30-year-olds who decided on a soft drink, these were their five favourites:

While a full fat Pepsi took the first spot, brand Coca-Cola still managed to come out as the winner after taking nearly 50% of the overall share of drinks transactions.


It’s oft been said that when hitting 30, you reflect on the past decade of your life and think about the advice you’d give to your 20-year-old self.

So Yoyo decided to compare these habits with those of current 20-year-old students to see if there was any real difference in behaviour – at least when it comes to what drink to have with lunch 🙂

Here’s what Yoyo found:

The data revealed that nearly three times as many 20-year-old students buy a soft drink (74%) over a hot drink (26%) with their lunch, with Coca Cola by far the most popular brand.

The five most popular soft/cold drinks that 20-year-old students buy at lunchtime:

Coca-Cola was also the dominant drink for students, with the brand taking 43% share of the top five.

For those that did favour a hot drink with lunch, here’s the five that 20-year-old students liked the most:

This supports Yoyo’s earlier findings that the Latte is now the most popular drink for students overall, with a third making it their drink of choice. Find out more here.

Overall, it seems that when workers hit 30, they ditch a cold sugar rush drink to sip contemplatively on a Latte at lunch time.

Perhaps they’ve taken note of recent research that has found that drinking coffee can potentially lead to longer life.

Data based on 16000 transactions through the Yoyo Wallet app
 (Business: 8000 /
 Education: 8000)

-Time period: 1 February – 30 April
-Lunchtime definition: Transactions between 12pm and 2pm
-Number of canteen outlets: Business: 128
 / Education: 152