Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker – Q3 2017

| October 18, 2017 | By

The most popular time to buy a coffee during Q3 2017 was 8am on a Friday morning, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker, with a Latte dominating as the hot drink of choice.

Yoyo took a sample of more than 80000 of its high street app users between July and September to find out the coffee habits and preferences of consumers in the UK.

The Tracker focused on four key areas:

  • Coffee Consumption by Hour
  • Coffee Consumption by Day
  • Coffee Consumption by Week
  • Coffee Consumption by Type

In-store high street coffee purchases made a significant start at 7am (8.52% share), according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker, before shooting up to reach the peak of the day at 8am (15.26%), suggesting consumers needed their coffee fix to get through the commute to work.

After 8am, coffee purchases gradually declined throughout the rest of the day. There was a near leveling off between 12am (9.03%) and 1pm (8.7%) when breakfast became a distant memory and lunch time approached.

By 2pm, the daily purchase share fell to just under 7% and continued to go down.

Like their fellow coffee drinkers, the “pros”, or those who needed to make two trips to the coffee shop in the same day, tended to make their first trip at 8am (13.94%).

As the end of the working day came onto the horizon, the desire for another caffeine hit became too great, with the peak time for a 2nd coffee coming at 5pm (12.61%).

Dom Povey, head of retail product at Yoyo, said: “If consumers are going to buy two coffees in a day then it is likely to be first thing in the morning and then a couple of hours after lunch.

“I would recommend that a Yoyo retailer encourage this two-a-day behaviour by targeting those customers who purchase coffee in the morning, but not in the afternoon, with an afternoon only offer.

“A time-based offer could also be used to displace the queuing during the busiest period – a free pastry with your coffee before 8am offer, for instance, which is sent only to those consumers who don’t currently shop at that time.

Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker suggests that consumers were a well rested bunch after the weekend during Q3 – with Monday the lowest working day for coffee consumption (14.75%). 

But as the week came to an end, it seemed hard working consumers were in more need of a caffeine injection.

There was a steady increase in coffee consumption as the working week went on during Q3, with Friday the peak day for coffee drinkers, although Thursday proved the most popular for the top 10% (those who bought the most coffees during Q3).

Povey said: “It’s interesting to see that Friday was shown to be the most popular day for high street coffee consumption. I would have previously assumed that Monday would be most popular day as commuters looked for a pick-me-up to get them going after the weekend, but the report clearly shows that this is not the case.”

For the last two months of summer, coffee consumption stayed relatively stable – averaging around 7.45%, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker.

However, as soon as the first working week of September started, the weekly share shot up to 8.27% and continued to increase.

A combination of hot weather, time off work and school holidays could owe much to this.

As soon as parents got back into their usual working routines once the kids are back to school, perhaps their regular trips to the coffee shop also made a return.

Unlike the regular coffee drinkers, the school holidays or hot weather made little difference for the top 10%. Come rain or shine, coffee consumption for this group remained steady throughout Q3.

The Latte reigned supreme as the coffee of choice for all consumer groups, which consistently took more than a 35% share of coffee consumption throughout Q3, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker.

It was followed by the Americano, which came a distant second – averaging around 21.5% for average coffee drinkers and 24.5% for the Top 10%.

The Cappuccino and Flat White followed in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Among the bottom of the group were the Macchiato, Filter, Black and Frappe.

For those consumers who averaged two visits a day, the Latte was the top drink for most weeks, but occasionally beaten by the Cappuccino as we moved into September.

Dom Povey, head of retail product at Yoyo, said:

“Being aware of the consumption habits of your customers is vital to enhancing their experience with your outlet – and it makes good business sense.”

“Getting a coffee is as much of an experience as it is a utility purchase these days. It’s a reward and a treat for a long week as much as it is a pick-me-up. The data shows consumers becoming more open to treating themselves as the week progresses and their minds turn towards the weekend.

It will be interesting to see how consumption habits change as we move into the autumn and winter months.”