How can retailers personally engage with customers?

| July 23, 2017 | By

Mobile must be central to a retailer’s strategy. More than 85% of consumers in the UK use a smartphone, meaning retailers can potentially reach almost everyone who is going to visit their store through the device in their pocket.

From every mobile transaction, retailers have the opportunity to analyse the resulting basket data produced.

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By analaysing individual basket data, comes the ability to segment customers – connecting basket data to preferences and behaviours on an individual level.

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Once customer segments are developed, retailers can target them with a personalised campaign that either rewards, thanks, or encourages them to carry out a certain behaviour.

Well timed personalised notifications about deals and rewards can create a seamless customer experience.Push notifications are the most effective marketing channels available to brands and retailers today.

The average time until a consumer engages with a marketing campaign is just 15 minutes for push notifications compared to six and a half hours for email.

The average open rate for push notifications is a massive 90% versus just 23% for email.

Think of the potential – if a consumer is out shopping and sharing their location through their mobile, a brand can alert a customer through a push notification of relevant deals or rewards they can redeem when they are close to the store.

Michael Rolph, co-founder of Yoyo, said: “This is the future of payment for retailers – a platform that ultimately seeks to drive increased revenue – via a valuable customer offering.  After all, that is the kind of win-win that retailers really want.”