Heatwave boosts iced drinks sales in UK coffee shops by 28%

| July 30, 2018 | By

Purchases of iced drinks in UK coffee shops went up by 28% last week, when temperatures reached a record 35.1˚C, according to new Yoyo data. However, the peak day to buy an iced drink may not be what you expected.

Yoyo took a random sample of 6000 app users, comparing last week’s iced drinks sales (23 – 29 July) to the previous week (16 – 22 July).

The data showed that consumers were quick to reach for an iced drink to cool down on Monday 23 July – temperatures peaked at 33.3˚C and sales jumped up by 11.7% compared to the previous Monday (16 July).

With the temperature falling to 31.4˚C on Tuesday (24 July), so to did iced drinks sales to +6.8%. However, this climbed back up on Wednesday (25 July) to +9.6% when temperatures hit 32˚C.

This was then followed by the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching a record 35.1˚C and iced drinks sales increasing by a massive +34.5% on Thursday 26 July.

Surprisingly, while the UK faced blistering heat on Thursday, it was not the peak day for iced drinks purchases in UK coffee shops. Instead, more consumers decided to choose an iced drink on Friday, when the day’s top temperature dropped (slightly to 34.7˚C), but sales actually peaked at +36.6%.

Yoyo CEO Michael Rolph said:

“It’s probably no surprise to anyone that iced drinks sales increase when the weather gets hotter, but it’s still interesting to see just how precisely they follow changes in temperature.

“Being able to match payment data to outside forces (in this instance, the weather) provides a unique opportunity for retailers to really get to know how their customer behave in different circumstances. By doing so they can better understand, pre-empt and react to changes in behaviour – and there by market to their customers accordingly.”