Introducing Yoyo-powered in-app rewards vouchers: the easiest way for your customers to get their hands on your loyalty rewards

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In-app Vouchers powered by Yoyo

The main reason people sign up to a loyalty scheme is to gain discounts and offers, according to YouGov. However, nearly a third won’t bother to redeem their rewards if the process is too complex or inconvenient.

Nearly half of consumers say they want quick and easy access to a loyalty scheme, with 18 to 34-year-olds wanting stamps, points and rewards delivered via an app-based experience (YouGov).

With the majority of loyalty schemes still paper or card based, most people have little time for tired multi-channel sign-up processes, the need to remember a physical loyalty card, or having to go through laborious red tape to redeem rewards.

This is why Yoyo has created the most seamless in-app loyalty experience on the market, combining fast mobile payment with automated loyalty and rewards vouchers at the point-of-sale.

How do Yoyo-powered in-app rewards vouchers work?

Yoyo creates award-winning, fully-branded and combined payments and loyalty experiences, which provide your customers with the following at the point-of-sale:

  • Secure, straight-through mobile payment
  • Automated loyalty accumulation
  • Digital receipt collection
  • Instant rewards redemption and voucher sharing

A QR-code based voucher is automatically generated in-app when your customer completes a stamp card, enters a promo code, claims a reward against points, makes an in app purchase, or is rewarded during a campaign. 

In the same way your customer makes a Yoyo-powered payment, this voucher can then be easily scanned at the till to redeem their reward or discount.

Vouchers can also be shared with friends and family. Not only is this fun and useful for your customers, it acts as a powerful growth tool for your loyalty scheme and bares no extra cost to you, the retailer.

What makes Yoyo-powered in-app rewards vouchers different?

First of all, this is a digitally-led loyalty experience. Not only does this make it easier for your customers to earn their rewards through their smartphones, you can view and measure all rewards redemption.

And because Yoyo is the only company that can match the identity of customers to the individual items they buy in-store, vouchers can be triggered when a customer carries out a desired behaviour i.e. buys a certain product / makes a purchase at a certain time or place.

In addition, Yoyo’s segmentation tool enables you to minimise costs by sending rewards vouchers to your most relevant customers rather than your entire user base.

What types of in-app loyalty vouchers can I create?

Percentage discounts:
Yoyo-powered Vouchers percentage discounts

Fixed price discounts: 
Fixed price discounts

Fixed amount discounts: 

Fixed amount discounts: 

How do Yoyo-powered in-app rewards vouchers strengthen by customer loyalty strategy?

As a retailer, I want to increase repeat purchases of a specific product
You can set up a stamp card scheme, which releases a product voucher when the stamp card is complete. This will incentivise your customers to increase purchases of that specific product.

As a retailer, I want to increase overall transaction volume
You can set up a points store[LINK], enabling your customers to accumulate points and then choose which rewards vouchers they would like. You can also enable your customers to choose either a product-specific voucher or monetary value-based voucher.

As a retailer, I want to surprise and delight my best customers
You can create a voucher of your choice and send it to a specific segment of customers that are most likely to engage with your campaign. (e.g. your customers are automatically sent a voucher when they make their second purchase). 

As a retailer, I want to recall slipping customers
You can create a voucher and send it to customers whose purchase frequency has declined or who have not made a purchase for a specific period of time.

As a retailer, I want to run an in-app prize draw
You can create a prize vouchers that triggers if your customer wins your in-app prize draw[LINK]

As a retailer, I want my customer to perform a specific behaviour
You can set up a campaign announcement that tells your customers that they will automatically receive a voucher once they’ve completed your desired behaviour.

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