Is the Latte taking over as the nation’s favourite drink?

| February 17, 2017 | By

Tea may no longer be “the nation’s favourite drink” if the buying habits of students are anything to go by. According to new Yoyo data, the Latte is by far their most popular hot drink of choice, with the Americano coming second and tea only taking third place.

Yoyo analysed the top 10 most popular hot drinks bought through its loyalty app at colleges and university campuses across the UK and Ireland between February and May this year – a key time for students as exams appear on the horizon.

Out of more than 250,000 hot drinks bought that made up the top 10, taking the No1 spot, and by far the most popular, was the Latte, which made up a third (33.1%) of transactions. That’s a whopping 84,151 Lattes that students bought through Yoyo in just four months.

An espresso diluted with hot water, otherwise known as an Americano, took a distant second place on the list, with just under 18% of transactions.

Out of the nine coffee types that made the list, the once mighty cappuccino came fifth (7.5%), while the full throttle shot of Espresso (the refuge of many a reviser working late at the library surely?) only took sixth place (5.2%).

Below is the full list featuring the number of teas and coffees bought through Yoyo at more than 60 college and university campuses between February and May 2017.


hot drinks table













Good news for coffee, but disappointing for tea, which only came third (15.9% share of transactions) even after Yoyo grouped the most popular types of “the nation’s favourite drink” (Regular, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Green Tea etc).

Last year, there were several stories in the national press about the general decline of tea consumption, with the Daily Mail reporting that “outside the home”, UK consumers were drinking almost two and a half cups of coffee for every one of tea.

But according to The UK Tea & Infusions Association, an independent non-profit which promotes tea and herbal infusions, tea still beats daily coffee consumption in the UK.

The organisation claims that we drink 165 million cups of tea a day, compared to just 70 million cups of coffee.

Could it be that consumers see tea as something to drink in the home? At present, it certainly isn’t the most popular hot drink for on-the-go students by a long shot.