MoneyConf 2018: Yoyo chairman Alain Falys gives his take on the impact of payment acceptance innovations

| June 18, 2018 | By

“Don’t expect merchants to want to change their POS infrastructure – work with it.” At this year’s MoneyConf in Dublin, Yoyo chairman Alain Falys joined Silicon Valley Bank’s Reetika Grewal, Mash’s James Hickson and 11:FS’ Sarah Kocianski to discuss emerging payment technologies, the future of the consumer wallet and the new-found power of merchant data…


0:32: Reetika Grewal introduction

0.43: Alain Falys introduction

1:11: James Hickson introduction

1.46: Emerging technologies in Silicon Valley (Reetika Grewal)

3.55: Payment services that mutually benefit retailers and consumers (Alain Falys)

6:26: Delivering more through the point-of-sale (James Hickson)

8:15: Getting merchants onboard (Alain Falys)

10:09: Going to market with partners (James Hickson)

10:53: Tackling “countertop confusion” (Reetika Grewal)

14:36: The future of the consumer wallet (Alain Falys)

16:09: The opportunities for “horizontal players” (James Hickson)

16:49: The Amazon example (Reetika Grewal)

17:21: Data now creates the competitive advantage for merchants (Alain Falys)

19:07: What’s next? Moving from mobile first to invisible payments (James Hickson)

19:35: What’s next? The increase in mobile payments and taking the expereince beyond payment (Alain Falys)

20:35: What’s next? The removal of pain barriers in the payments experience (Reetika Grewal)