Retailer Spotlight: Double Stamps at Caffè Nero

| October 29, 2017 | By

During the period of hot weather this year, Caffè Nero wanted to promote its Iced-Drinks offer to customers and increase footfall into the coffee chain. Through Yoyo’s retail insight dashboard and campaign manager platform, Yoyo Engage, Caffè Nero created a campaign that rewarded double stamps to customers who bought an Iced-Drink through its Yoyo-powered app. The results speak for themselves…

One week after the campaign launched:

  • Baskets that contained an iced drink increased by 148%

  • Customers who purchased an iced drink increased by 215%

  • Spend on baskets containing an iced drink went up by 212%

  • The average transaction value on baskets containing an Iced Drink increased by 63%

Through Caffè Nero’s Yoyo-powered app, this campaign promotion created a much needed increase in loyalty and footfall during a seasonal period that normally dips.

Marcus Denison-Smith, head of marketing at Caffè Nero, said:

“Before we worked with Yoyo to launch the Caffè Nero app all we could really track was how frequently customer were visiting our stores through our wifi service. We knew nothing else about them.

“Now we have access to basket level data, which means we can identify, recognise and have a better relationship with our customer.

“Through Yoyo’s retail insight dashboard and campaign manager platform, Engage, we can also easily set up campaigns to promote a certain store, target a certain segment of customers or showcase a certain product.

“In this case, we targeted our customers with an offer to come into Caffè Nero and buy an Iced Latte during the hot weather.

“The results speak for themselves: Customers came in-store and bought and Iced Latte, but also bought other Iced Drinks they’d never purchased before.”

Dom Povey, Head of Retail product at Yoyo, added:

“This campaign is a great example of how loyalty schemes can be leveraged to drive customer behaviour.

“Nero have done a great job of establishing a loyalty mechanic via their stamp card and their partnership with Yoyo has enabled them to run short term campaigns, which are engaging and rewarding for their customers while driving real value for the company’s bottom line.”

You can also easily create campaigns like this through Yoyo’s new Campaign Launcher on Yoyo Engage.

Whether it’s encouraging customers to buy certain products, visit your store during the quieter times of day, or spend more per transaction, Yoyo’s Campaign Launcher enables you to create targeted marketing campaigns and deliver them directly to your customer’s hand.

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