Salads beat sandwiches as the food option of choice for UK workers

| November 30, 2017 | By

Salads are the most popular food choice for UK workers, with Sandwiches taking a distant second place and soup coming third, according to new Yoyo data. 

Salads beat sandwiches as the food option of choice for UK workers

Taking a random sample of nearly 200,000 Yoyo transactions from business canteens during a three-month period, the Yoyo data found that nearly a third (30.3%) included a salad, while only 23.3% included a sandwich.

Among the most popular types in the salad category were Fruit Salads, “Protein Boxes”, and Chicken Caesar Salads, while a BLT, Chicken & Salad and Ham & Cheese were among the most popular sandwiches of choice for UK workers.

Just over 20% of Yoyo transactions included a soup, putting it in third place. In this category, “Soup of the Day” was the overwhelming choice for UK workers. Other popular soups included Tomato, Mushroom and Leak & Potato.

Only a 10th (10.2%) of worker transactions included a baguette (fourth place) and the bap, surely the food choice of many-a-worker in the morning, took fifth place with 5.3%.

In the baguette category, Sausage, Bacon and Ham & Mustard were among the most popular types, while Sausage, Bacon and a combined Bacon & Sausage were the most popular Bap choices.

Paninis, bagels and wraps have yet to take on as a credible choice for workers buying from business canteens, with these food items taking less than a 10% share between them. Ham & Cheese was the most popular panini choice, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese was the Bagal of choice, while the vegetarian option proved the most popular in the Wrap category.

See the full list below:

Dom Povey, head of retailer product at Yoyo, said:

“Considering these items individually leads to salad sales dominating lunchtime purchases amongst this customer segment. However, grouping all bread-based products would likely see “the sandwich” as a food type leading by some way.”

“While salads top this particular study, they have almost certainly benefited from the detailed granularity of Yoyo’s basket data. It shows just how far Yoyo can identify individual products at the point-of-sale (in this case bagels, paninis and wraps), which may otherwise have been grouped under the catchall term “Sandwich”.

“WIth this more detailed insight to hand, retailers can better understand the individual preferences of their customers and target their marketing and loyalty campaign accordingly.”


  • Yoyo identified eight of the most common food types bought through its app in business canteens: Salad, Sandwich, Soup, Baguette, Bap, Panini, Bagel, Wrap
  • A random sample of just under 200,000 Yoyo transactions from more than 100 business canteens across the UK were analysed
  • Time period: August – October 2017