TV presenter Adrian Chiles says virtual coffee stamps are testing his loyalty

| November 14, 2019 | By

BBC TV presenter Adrian Chiles was in good form this morning. His latest article in the guardian led with the grilling headline: “Virtual coffee stamps are testing my loyalty”. Not something you’d necessarily think would make us a happy bunch over here at Yoyo Towers.

But you’d be wrong. Although it’s fair to say that there were a few initial frowns when Adrian started off by lamenting the fall of Caffè Nero paper stamp card. “How I miss it now they have put the scheme on an app.”

Say it ain’t so Adrian. 🙁

However, our spirits were soon lifted when he proceeded to give the Caffè Nero app (which just so happens to be powered by Yoyo) a terrific plug. 

Among its various personalised customer features, he mentioned his newfound ability to pay for his coffee and automatically get stamps. As Adrian put it himself, it’s given him the “added advantage of you not having to look tragically insistent on having your paper card stamped.”

Too true Adrian. 🙂

And what of the other perks? Adrian had a pretty rewarding answer for this as well:

“You get free stamps sometimes, an extra one if you bring your own cup and a whole torrent of stamps if you sign a friend up to the app.”

Nice one Adrian! 😀

The article also saved Yoyo’s PR bods the need to write a long-winded press release when he announced the launch of this year’s Caffè Nero Christmas App campaign (which also happens to be powered by Yoyo).

Although our messaging might have taken a somewhat different angle.

“They are losing my love a bit,” he began. 

Oh dear.

“They have started sending a virtual Christmas cracker with every purchase. You pull the cracker and – lo! – an extra stamp pops out for you, which is lovely. “Or it doesn’t, which is extremely annoying.”

Come on, Adrian! Who knew you could add a bit of excitement and suspense into something like your daily trip to the coffee shop.

It seems what got to Adrian was the joke he received when he didn’t win a prize that time round.

When this happens, customers get a little message that says: “Sorry, you didn’t win this time, but here’s a joke to cheer you up!”

Adrian was not impressed. 

“If anything could cheer me up after such a terrible disappointment, it wouldn’t be: “What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow.”

That’s a classic joke Adrian! One of your own readers even said “the snowman joke is excellent” in the comment section below the article.

In fairness, another reader replied by saying “Snow it isn’t.”

I guess you can’t please everyone. But if you don’t like that joke, how about this? 

“What goes “oh, oh, oh”. Santa walking backwards.”


Anyway, whatever your thoughts, thanks for using the Caffè Nero app Adrian (did we mention it’s powered by Yoyo?). 

And given you’ve plugged our app, it’s only fair we return the favour. We’ll thumb through your bestseller “We Don’t Know What We’re Doing” (retailing at $159 on Amazon).

Among all the West Bromwich anecdotes, we’ll hopefully find a tip or two for next year’s Christmas Cracker campaign.

In the meantime, this year’s campaign runs until 24 December, so you’ve got plenty of time to get yourself some extra stamps. If not, it will be more thigh slapping cracker jokes for you.


If you’d like to be in with a chance to win extra coffee stamps this Christmas, or you just want to instantly pay and collect your well earned loyalty stamps in a single moment, you can download the Caffè Nero app here.

Download the Yoyo-powered Caffè Nero loyalty app here