Visa reveals new collaboration with Yoyo at Money 20/20 Europe, with plans to further enhance customer rewards experience at the point-of-sale

| June 14, 2018 | By

Visa’s head of innovation and partnerships, Jonathan Vaux, and Yoyo CEO Michael Rolph announced a new partnership between the two companies at this year’s Money 20/20 Europe. Vaux and Rolph revealed how customers could frictionlessly reap the benefits of retail loyalty programmes every time they use their Visa payment cards with merchants partnered with Yoyo.

Visa reveals new collaboration with Yoyo at Money 20/20 Europe

During Money 20/20 Europe, Visa’s head of innovation and partnerships, Jonathan Vaux, led a discussion on how collaboration will shape the future of commerce, with Huw Davies, SVP sales at Token, Riten Gohil, partner at Sphonic, and Yoyo CEO Michael Rolph on the panel.

During the panel event, Michael Rolph revealed to a packed-out audience how Yoyo currently works:

“Any app that’s powered by Yoyo automates a transaction experience beyond payment. When you pay, we recognise the items in your basket and immediately deliver any loyalty points or stamps, as well as a fully-itemised digital receipt, straight back to you.

“Beyond that, any rewards you’ve now earnt can be transformed into digital vouchers that you can use at the point-of-sale or, if you’d prefer, share with your friends and family.”

Jonathan Vaux and Michael Rolph then revealed their plans to design and deliver a proposition that would expand Yoyo’s app-led personalised experience to all consumers, regardless of whether they choose to pay by their Visa card or through mobile.

So what could this new Visa / Yoyo payments experience look like for consumers?

As a banking experience, a user would be able to add Yoyo to their bank card by simply clicking on an “add Yoyo Wallet” button in their banking app.

With permission obtained, the user’s financial information would then be securely tokenized by the Visa Tokenization Service and added to their new Yoyo account. This would both prevent users from having to manually enter their card details, and ensure that Yoyo never sees or stores an individual’s financial data.

As a point-of-sale experience, customers who use their Visa card in Yoyo-accepting merchants would instantly receive detailed basket data-level receipts, and earn relevant and personalised loyalty stamps, points, discounts and offers.

What’s more, all itemised receipts, loyalty and rewards would be instantly viewable in a user’s banking app.

The new partnership is part of Visa’s embracing of the new PSD2 world, and represents a tangible example of the benefits that open and permissioned sharing of data can bring.

During the Money 20/20 conference, Charlotte Hogg, CEO (Europe) at Visa, said during a keynote address:

“It’s going to be so important that we enable consumers to control their financial lives – control what they spend, where they spend it and how they spend it.”

After the panel, Michael Rolph said of the new Visa/Yoyo collaboration:

“We’ve always believed that adding value to payments is crucial for the future of retail. Visa’s partnership with Yoyo will further ensure that everyone can benefit from a fully combined payment and rewards experience regardless of how they choose to pay.”

The new partnership with Visa follows the news of Yoyo integrating it’s offering into challenger bank Starling in November 2017.