Introducing Customer Engagement powered by Yoyo

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Yoyo’s award-winning customer engagement platform enables retailers to talk to their customers based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Introducing Customer Engagement powered by Yoyo

We’re officially glued to our mobiles in the UK, with over 87% now owning a smartphone according to Deloitte.

They are at the epicenter of your customers’ daily life, whether it’s checking emails, reading the news, watching videos, talking to friends, browsing for products or making a purchase (we could go on).

At Yoyo we’re all about creating the ultimate, personalised end-to-end experience for your in-store and online customers.

When more than a third of in-store retail sales are influenced by a shopper using a mobile device (Deloitte), it’s self evident that this channel is core to a retailer’s customer engagement strategy.

As well as delivering fast payment, automated loyalty and personalised rewards to your customers’ smartphones, Yoyo gathers granular payment behaviour data to identify every stage in their buyer journey. 

This means all communications can be segmented and tailored so you engage with just the right people, at just the right time and in just the right way.

So whether it’s sending an email to welcome a new customer, revealing your campaign of the day through an in-app message, or sending a push notification when a specific group of customers undertake a desired behaviour, Yoyo ensures your brand becomes a natural part of their daily mobile life.

How Yoyo-powered customer engagement works

While more retailers are looking to bring their customer experience in line with a mobile-first 21st Century, they also need the ability to inspire and encourage shoppers to partake.

However only a third of retailers see “targeting and personalisation” among their top three priorities (Adobe).

Yoyo’s unique ability to match anonymised customer identity to the items they buy and when they buy them is why we can identify every stage of the customer’s buying journey, from the moment they make a first purchase to when they are beginning to slip away.

With this invaluable data to hand, here’s how we shape your customer engagement strategy:

  • Tailor comms based on customer behaviour
    Send a personalised email, push notification or in-app message  when a customer behaves in a certain way i.e. registers, makes a first purchase, reacts to a campaign, hasn’t engaged for a period of time, shared a voucher or redeemed a reward.
  • Talk to a specific customer segment
    Target your marketing campaigns at the audiences who are most likely to engage. Choose from hundreds of behaviour conditions including, products they’ve bought, their favourite time to shop, frequency of purchase, average spend or outlets they’ve visited.
  • Geofenced engagement 
    Send tailored push notifications, texts or email when your customers are in-store or near by.
  • A/B testing
    Find out which version of your engagement campaign is most likely to accomplish your marketing goals and identify the perfect delivery time and campaign trigger.
  • Full reporting and evaluation
    Yoyo-powered Customer Engagement - Full reporting and evaluation

Push vs Email vs In-app messages

Personalised messages sent to app users increase conversions by 27% compared to generic messaging, according to customer engagement experts Braze. Here’s how we see the strengths of each communications channel:

Push Notifications
Push notifications have an open rate of 90%, and a click rate that is seven times higher than email marketing, according to data from Salesforce and Statista UK. They are literally in your customer’s face – appearing on the screen of their most used object.

Yoyo-powered Push Notification

Because we know where a customer is in their buyer journey, our retail partners can ensure that push notifications are sent at just the right time to maximise engagement.

Customers can be reached when they’re near or inside a store, when you launch a new rewards campaign or when they’ve carried out a desired behaviour. 

More than half of emails are now opened through mobile. It’s still a crucial engagement channel for retailers, especially when it comes to welcoming new customers, announcing campaigns, notifying shoppers about changes to their experience, verifying email address, and facilitating password changes.

Yoyo-powered Engagement Email

It also remains effective way to build anticipation around an upcoming campaign, communicate special offers that are not time sensitive or acknowledge special occasions (like a customer’s birthday). 

Crucially, emails need to be personalised and relevant. More than 50% of people unsubscribe because the content is irrelevant or too frequent.

However, emails that automatically trigger based on a customer behaviour are proven to have high engagement and conversion rates.

In-app messages
According to Ad Week, apps that send in-app messages have 2 to 3.5x higher user retention than apps that don’t.

Unlike push notifications or emails, you don’t need to worry about opt-ins. In-app messages can be sent to your entire user base.

Yoyo-powered in-app message

When your customers see these messages they’re already engaged with your brand and therefore more likely to respond to news, offers and rewards. It’s also a great way to onboard customers, introduce new products and features, as well as reveal important information, like price changes.

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