Introducing Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases: helping your customers make the most out their loyalty

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Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases help retailers increase engagement, secure revenue and strengthen customer retention.

Introducing Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases

At Yoyo we want our retail partners to deliver the most comprehensive and personalised in-store customer experience to their customers. As well as ensuring a fast and convenient service, it’s important to place as much choice into a customer’s hands so they decide how to get the most value and savings out of your brand.

Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases give your customers the chance to save money on the items they regularly buy. It’s also the cheapest way for retailers to secure more revenue by selling items that would usually be purchased on an individual basis in bulk.

How Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases work

In-app purchases enables your customers to purchase products directly through your Yoyo-powered app.

  • The customer chooses and prepays for their chosen item(s)
  • They receive a related number of in-app digital vouchers 
  • The items they have bought can be redeemed in-store by simply scanning these QR code-based vouchers at your checkout.

You can choose to sell products in advance without any discount applied, but we’ve found the most effective type of in-app purchases are “Bulk Buys”, which enable your customers to purchase multiple products at a discounted price of your choosing.

In-App Purchases Yoyo Engage

Customers also benefit from redeeming each of their bulk items whenever suits them. If your customer knows they buy coffee every working morning, they can buy five at the beginning of the week for a discounted price and spread out the use throughout the week. Not only does this guarantee revenue, it gives you the chance to upsell other products when your customers visit.

In-app purchases can also be used as an effective engagement and acquisition tool  through Yoyo’s Voucher Sharing functionality: Your customers can buy multiple vouchers, which can then be shared with friends and family. This has proved especially popular for our retail partners during seasonal events like Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

How does In-App purchases benefit your business?

On top of the benefits to your cash flows (since your customers prepay for their items), in-app purchases enable you to:

  1. Increase exposure of specific products
  2. Acquire new customers through voucher sharing
  3. Delight customers by rewarding discounts when they bulk buys

Ultimately, Yoyo-powered In-App Purchases help you increase engagement, secure revenue and strengthen customer retention.

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