Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker – Q4 2017

| March 14, 2018 | By

The most popular time to buy a coffee during Q4 2017 was 8am on a Friday morning, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker, with the Latte continuing to dominate as the hot drink of choice.

Yoyo's High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker

Yoyo took a sample of more than 80000 of its high street app users between October and December 2017 to find out the coffee habits and preferences of consumers in the UK.

The Tracker focused on four key areas:

  • Coffee Consumption by Hour
  • Coffee Consumption by Day
  • Coffee Consumption by Week
  • Coffee Consumption by Type

Consumers were in need of a caffeine fix as they battled to get into work between October and December 2017, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker.

With in-store high street coffee purchases beginning modestly at 6am, there was a significant jump at 7am before shooting up to reach the peak of the day at 8am (14.75%).

After 8am, coffee purchases gradually declined as consumers settled into their working day.

While there was a near levelling off between 11am and 1pm (average 9%), the need for a coffee dropped significantly from 2pm to 7.39% and by 6pm went down to just 1.1%, suggesting coffee is not the drink of choice for most consumers post-work.

However for the coffee addicts out there (those who buy more than one coffee in a day), 8am was also the favourite morning time to buy their first coffee (14.12%), but the need for a coffee was even stronger as the end of the working day came onto the horizon, with 2nd coffee purchases peaking at 5pm (15.14%).

Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker suggests that consumers were a well rested bunch after the weekend during Q4 – with Monday the lowest working day for coffee consumption (14.21%).

As the week drew on, consumption gradually increased with Friday the peak day for coffee drinkers, although Thursday proved the most popular for the top 10% of coffee consumers – the group that spends the most on coffee.

The top 10% of coffee buyers also spend less on coffee during the weekend then the rest of those who were analysed.

While overall coffee consumption on a Saturday and Sunday took a 13% and 10% share respectively, the top 10% took just 10.52% on a Saturday and 8.65% on a Sunday.

While coffee consumption sat between 6.5% and 7.5% for the most of October, as winter began to bite this increased to nearly 8.3% during the first working week of November and continued to rise until the festive holidays began.

However, this trend was reversed by the top 10% of coffee consumers, with consumption peaking on the first working week of November at 8.36% before steadily declining during the rest of Q4 2017. Like the rest, coffee consumption for the top 10% fell dramatically when the festive holidays began.

The Latte continued to reign supreme as 2017 drew to an end, consistently taking more than a 36% share of coffee consumption throughout Q4, according to Yoyo’s High Street Coffee Consumption Tracker.

The Americano took a distant second – averaging around a 22% of coffee consumption. The Cappuccino and Flat White followed in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Among the bottom of the group were the Macchiato, Frappe and Black Coffee.