Yoyo’s Marketing Campaign Builder: retailers can now create segmented marketing campaigns in minutes

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Introducing Yoyo’s new Marketing Campaign Builder! Our new flow enables retailers to easily create and send hyper-targeted, personalised marketing campaigns to your customers in minutes.

Retailers can now create segmented marketing campaigns in minutes

At Yoyo we’ve been busy reinventing our campaign creation flow. We recognised the a gap in our previous flow – the inability to select a target audience to attach it to. With our new builder, you can select any audience you would like your campaign to be sent to, whether it’s ‘All Customers’, ‘New Customers’ or a ‘Segment’ of customers.

The history of Yoyo’s Marketing Campaign Builder

First things first. Why did we update our campaign creation flow and how will this help you in the short and long term? Here’s a shot of the builder before the update:

The history of Yoyo's Marketing Campaign Builder

While the old campaign builder was quite easy to navigate, we identified a fairly high drop off rate when customers were landing on the campaign rules page. Further, we only had a 5-step process, which completely by-passed selecting a specific audience – campaigns could only be sent to ‘All Customers’ only.

Enter, Yoyo’s new Marketing Campaign Builder

The biggest change to Yoyo’s Marketing Campaign Builder is in the second step – attaching an audience to a campaign:

Enter Yoyo's new Marketing Campaign Builder


We’ve also improved the UX in response to customer feedback and redesigned the Rules Page to be as intuitive as possible:

Yoyo Marketing Campaign Builder Rules Page

You now have a clear visual of all default rules your campaign will adhere to. You can easily change these rules depending on the customer behaviours you wish to influence.

What else is new with Yoyo’s Marketing Campaign Builder?

  • Everything is now simple when it comes to creating, saving, editing and visualising campaigns. You will be able to view exactly how your campaign will be received by your customers, ensuring they have the best user experience.
  • We no longer have a ‘campaign landing page’. We think what really determines a campaign type is the rules you set. Therefore, expect to be brought straight to page 1 of a new campaign builder when you select ‘Create New Campaign’. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean we’ve taken away any functionality, you can still create your ‘product push’ or ‘increase spend’ campaigns. In this example, you can select ‘Products’ or ‘Spend’ on the Rules page.
  • We’ve included a new audience section on page 2. The thing we’re most proud of and what you’ve been asking for.
  • No more getting stuck on which rules you should apply to your campaign. Create a new campaign to take a look!
  • The way in which you view your in app messaging is now awesome. View your in-app messaging as you type it.

Yoyo New Marketing Campaign Builder - In-app Messaging

Best practices for building a Yoyo-powered marketing campaign 

Before you begin a new campaign, make sure you have at least one loyalty scheme set up so you can select a reward. If you want to target a group of users, be sure to create your Segment first too. 

We also suggest the following: 

  1. Think about your end goal. Have in mind the type of campaign you want to set up before you begin and, if in doubt, contact your CSM or Yoyo Support and they’ll be able to advise and guide on what’s best for you.
  2. Target users who you think will respond similarly to the desired behaviour and reward. Use the Customer page to filter by a variety of characteristics so you can better target your campaigns to the most responsive customers.
  3. Feedback! Can’t find something you’re looking for? Struggling to complete a campaign? Please get in touch with us and we’ll listen to you. In fact, we rely on it so we can constantly improve our Product for our users.

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