Are Yoyo-powered app users drinking coffee for their health?

| November 27, 2019 | By

Are Yoyo-powered app users drinking coffee for their health?

“Daily coffee can cut risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.” The headline in this morning’s edition of The Times that peaked this Yoyo-er’s interest on the way into work.

According to new research from the universities of Navarre in Spain and Catania in Italy, there are potentially significant benefits for avid coffee drinkers who down up to four cups a day.

So, of course, the first question I asked our all powerful data team when I got to the office (and before the poor guys even got their coats off) was just how many Yoyo-powered app users have been drinking this much.

It turns out a whopping 6,471 Yoyo-powered app users have been buying four daily coffees at least three times a week so far this month (1 – 27 November 2019).

Well done you coffee obsessed Yoyo-powered bunch – you just might be helping yourselves to stave off high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity, according to the research. 

What’s more, “long-term coffee consumption is associated with a decreased risk of hypertension.” Another win!

But what about our users who are drinking even more coffee? Should they be worried?

Back in June, the guardian reported that consuming up to 25 cups of coffee a day was safe for our hearts.

A report from Queen Mary University of London, which was part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, asked 8,412 people to self-report how much coffee they typically consume, with an undisclosed number of participants claiming to drink up to 25 cups a day.

Taking a random sample of 250,000 Yoyo-powered app users, we analysed their in-store spending behaviour over a one month period.

The results found that while nobody reached the magic number of 25, two users came pretty close, averaging an impressive 24 coffee purchases a day. 

These two super coffee drinkers were closely followed by 10 other users, who averaged between 21 and 23 daily coffee purchases.

So who are these coffee…is “fanatics” too harsh a word? Here’s some super well thought out predictions…

1. These coffee drinkers are trying to impress their team at work by getting the coffees in every single day.

2. They have an extremely large family that all require a daily caffeine fix.

3. They are getting virtually no sleep given the fact they’re drinking a coffee on the hour, every hour.

See, told you it would be insightful.

But, more importantly, the question you’re really yelling at your screen is: “How the hell does Yoyo even know all this?”

Well, because Yoyo user identity is protected by double tokenization technology (not to mention for very good GDPR reasons), we don’t actually see who these coffee-obsessed users are.

However, we can match the purchasing habits of our fully anonymised users to the individual items they buy, regardless of whether they shop in-store or online.

As simple as it sounds, this invaluable data insight enables retailers of all kinds to understand, engage and market to both in-store and online customers on a personalised level that can’t be found anywhere else.

In this case, if a coffee shop can see how many times a customer is making a purchase – they can utilize Yoyo’s Campaign Builder to segment and build a tailor-made campaign that rewards and incentives users to increase spend, frequency (or both) in real time.

Whatever the case, both these reports suggest that, whether drinking four or 24 coffees a day, Yoyo-ers don’t need to worry about whether their caffeine habit is having a negative effect on their health.

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