Yoyo adds revolutionary purchase-linked customer feedback feature to its payments and loyalty experience

| February 4, 2019 | By

Yoyo has added yet another feature to its award-winning marketing, payment and loyalty commerce platform, with the launch of purchase-linked customer feedback functionality that can anonymously link when, where and how a customer transacts with a retailer to the feedback they provide.

Yoyo adds revolutionary purchase-linked customer feedback feature to its payments and loyalty app experience


  • Unique technology enables retailers to link individual customer feedback to anything from amount spent and items purchased, to the visited outlet and cashier who served them.
  • Customers remain fully anonymised and no personal or financial information is revealed.
  • Caffè Nero amongst the first to roll out this new transaction-linked feedback functionality within its Yoyo-powered payments and loyalty app.

Since launching in 2013, Yoyo has enabled its retail partners to instantly combine payment with personalised loyalty, rewards and offers, as well as deliver fully-itemised digital receipts for customers, by identifying spend and product preference behaviour through the point-of-sale.

Through this powerful payment data insight, Yoyo’s retail partners are empowered to segment and provide their in-store customers with dynamic, hyper-personalised marketing, communications and experiences, based on real-time and ever-changing behaviour.

Now, in a move that adds a whole new layer of insight and personalisation to the Yoyo-powered customer experience, individual customer feedback can now be linked to when, where and how they engage with a retailer, without revealing any form of personal identity or financial information.

How does purchase-linked customer feedback work?

1. As well as receiving instant loyalty and rewards through the point of sale, Yoyo-powered app users can now provide instant feedback around their in-store experience, including service, queue times, and product quality.

2. Through a relevant and timely prompt, users send feedback within a matter of seconds, which leads to higher response rates and engagement levels than any other customer feedback provider.

3. With feedback linked to anonymised purchase data, retailers can then segment customer feedback by store, spend, region, product, time of day, cashiers etc.

4. Yoyo then uses machine learning to reveal real-time common feedback trends, so that retailers can instantly address problems or reward positive behaviour.

5. On top of this continuous stream of feedback, retailers can also ask a specific group of users for feedback, based on a targeted behaviour. e.g. I want to ask all users what they thought of the newly-launched sandwich product they just bought.

6. With purchase-linked customer feedback now tied to Yoyo’s award-winning purchase and loyalty experience, retailers can deliver super-responsive and targeted campaigns through Yoyo’s marketing, payment and loyalty commerce platform.

Caffè Nero, who’s Yoyo-powered payments and loyalty app launched in 2017 and has since been acclaimed by industry stalwarts and consumers alike, is amongst the first to roll out this unique functionality to its customers.

Michael Rolph, CEO and co-founder of Yoyo, said: “Yoyo is all about ensuring that retailers have the right tools and insight to deliver personalised and rewarding customers experiences that will increase that crucial customer lifetime value.”

“We’ve achieved this by unlocking the power of customer purchase data for retailers, which can now deliver real and measurable added value to their payments and loyalty experience – but we’ve not stopped there.

“We’ve taken purchase data insight even further so that retailers can now analyse and compare customer feedback with the actual purchase experience.

“In short, we’ve basically “Uber-ised” every payment experience!”

If you want to find out more about how purchase-linked customer feedback, powered by Yoyo, can help your business, email james.cresswell@yoyowallet.com