Yoyo’s Purchase-linked Customer Feedback: receive, segment and respond to feedback in real time

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Yoyo’s unique feedback functionality now enables retailers to link individual customer feedback to their in-store  journey, including the amount they spent, the items they purchased, the store they visited and the cashier who served them.

Yoyo's Purchase-linked Customer Feedback: receive, segment and respond to feedback in real time

Where your customer feedback strategy needs to be

The way we give customer feedback has changed. Whether it’s watching a movie, buying a takeaway or taking a taxi, businesses can now reach out at just the right moment to ensure they receive the most timely and accurate feedback.

Not only does this enhance real time customer engagement, knowing more about the satisfaction of customers helps businesses make informed decisions to improve their overall experience. In-store retailers need the ability to do the same. Most don’t!

The problem with traditional customer feedback strategies

Companies that want to improve their customer experience start by focusing on the way feedback is collected and analysed, according to Gartner. 

It’s not uncommon for retailers to spend more than £100k a year on traditional survey methods only to gain around two to three percent in conversions. 

Feedback surveys rarely form a part of the overall in-store or online experience, they are uninvited, and the questions are usually generic. No wonder 80% of consumers abandon a survey halfway through (OpinionLabs).

Ultimately any data a retailer does manage to gather is expensive, labour intensive, anonymous, and bear’s little relation to what the individual customer’s journey actually looked like. So much for trying to improve your customer experience.

Welcome to purchase-linked customer feedback

Consider the famous Peak-End Rule, created by psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. This states that we judge an experience based on two key parts – the peak (the moment the experience created the strongest emotion) and the end (how the experience concluded).

This is what Yoyo is all about: giving both physical and online retailers the ability to key in to the most important parts of a customer’s journey.

Our unique ability to match anonymised customer identity to the items they buy and when they buy them is why we can combine fast mobile payment with personalised loyalty, rewards and offers, as well as deliver fully-itemised digital receipts, at the point-of-sale.

We’ve now added purchase-linked customer feedback functionality to that end-to-end experience – crucially making the process cheap, seamless, timely and accurate for retailers. 

  • Rather than collecting random and anonymous feedback, retailers can see multiple data points that are impacting a rating. For example, a retailer could identify that one outlet is receiving a consistently lower rating than others, and make informed decisions to improve the situation.
  • Customers are asked for feedback straight after a qualifying transaction, ensuring the experience is non-intrusive and there is always context around the questions asked.
  • Adaptive feedback based on users’ purchasing frequency prevents survey fatigue.

How does purchase-linked customer feedback work?

^^Customer Feedback functionality on the Yoyo-powered Caffè Nero app^^


  1. As well as receiving instant loyalty and rewards through the point of sale, Yoyo-powered app users can now provide instant feedback around their in-store experience, including service, queue times, and product quality.
  2. Through a relevant and timely prompt, users send feedback within a matter of seconds while they’re still in-store, which has been proven to deliver higher response rates.
  3. With feedback linked to anonymised purchase data, retailers can then segment customer feedback by store, spend, region, product, time of day, cashiers etc.
  4. With purchase-linked customer feedback now tied to Yoyo’s award-winning purchase and loyalty experience, retailers can deliver super-responsive and targeted campaigns through Yoyo’s marketing, payment and loyalty commerce platform.


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