Yoyo talks to its 1 millionth user – and she’s a big fan!

| July 19, 2018 | By

Following this week’s news of Yoyo smashing past 1 million users, we caught up with the individual user who helped us cross this milestone. Gloria, who lives and works in London, reveals her initial impressions of the Yoyo app, what she’d like to see more of and what loyalty rewards she’s now keen to get her hands on…

Yoyo talks to its 1 millionth user - and she’s a big fan!

Hi Gloria, You’re our millionth user – big thanks for downloading the app! How did you first hear about Yoyo?

I know. I never win anything – do I get a prize? I hope so. I downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago – a friend at work used it to pay for our coffees. She’d been using it when she was at university and said it was a nice easy way to pay and collect loyalty points on your mobile. Turns out loads of people at work were using it from their uni days. I was surprised because I hadn’t heard of Yoyo before.

How often have you used Yoyo?

So far, I’ve used it about half a dozen times – especially for coffee. Although I’ve also given it a go in Planet Organic. It’s down the road from my office and might encourage me to go on more healthy streaks.

What have you bought most often through Yoyo?

Definitely coffee!

Are you a loyalty points hoarder or do you like to use them as soon as possible?

I actually get loyalty stamps where I usually go and I’m not far from getting a free coffee. But I have built up a few points at Planet Organic – I might use them to get a brownie soon. Although if I keep saving, I’ll apparently earn a enough for a bottle of wine at some point. It’s Planet Organic, so it will be healthy wine right?

What would you like to see added to your Yoyo experience?

I love that you can use the app in different shops. It would be great if there was more choice though. I’ve also referred a couple of friends, which has earned me some free goodies. And you guys have just told me that I’ll soon be able to pre-order stuff at some shops, which will be cool to try out.

Final question – sum up your Yoyo experience so far in one sentence.

Fast and easy-to-use!

Thanks for being our millionth customer Gloria!