Yoyo’s Card2Mobile: The Most Effective Loyalty Acquisition Tool On The Market

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Yoyo’s Card2Mobile: The Most Effective Loyalty Acquisition Tool On The Market

We love a good loyalty scheme. Three quarters of British people (77%) say they have joined at least one programme, seven in 10 believe they are a good way to be rewarded, and nearly half say they’ll spend more with a brand if they are a member of their loyalty scheme (YouGov).

At the same time, as the demand for a more personalised and convenient in-store experience increases, traditional loyalty cards are falling short and over half of retailers in the UK are now investing in some form of app.

However, while we spend more than five hours a day on our mobile phones, and with time spent in apps rising by 69% year on year, shopping apps account for just 5% of a user’s time (Econsultancy). 

What’s more, despite their inability to personalise the customer experience or provide any ROI measurement to retailers, we know that physical loyalty cards remain popular amongst the British public. 

I bet the majority of people reading this will find a Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury’s Nectar Points Card, Boots Advantage Cards or some such, somewhere in their wallet.

This crowded retail app market, combined with a public used to a 30-year-old concept of collecting loyalty at the checkout, poses a clear challenge for brands looking to attract new users to their digital loyalty experience.

But rather than downplaying the virtues of physical loyalty cards, we at Yoyo see them as an asset for your digital loyalty scheme.

Indeed we’ve found them to be a powerful loyalty acquisition tool that helps your customers turn their behaviour from a long-established physical loyalty card mentality towards mobile-first thinking when it comes to their payment and loyalty experience.

How does Yoyo’s Card2Mobile work? 

Yoyo’s Card2Mobile functionality enables your customers to collect their loyalty points and/or stamps at the checkout through a fully-branded physical card. 

But unlike traditional physical loyalty cards, if customers want to redeem their rewards or view how much loyalty they’ve earned, they”’ need to download your Yoyo-powered app.

When your customer has gone through a fast in-app signup process and linked their card to the app, they can:

  • Transfer all accumulated loyalty on the physical card over to the app
  • Add any accumulated loyalty onto an existing account
  • View receipts from transactions made with the pcard on the app
  • Automatically collect loyalty, view in-app offers/deals and redeem rewards when they use your Yoyo-powered app to pay

As a retailer, you will see:

  • Increased loyalty engagement and registrations
  • A significant rise in your Yoyo-powered app’s share of checkout
  • Customers able to benefit from your loyalty scheme at any stage in their customer journey
  • The ability to track (anonymised) purchasing behaviour of your customers

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